Weddings - Ryan J Montgomery
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Your important day is just as important to us as it is to you. Those excited, anxious, happy and loving feelings that run through you on your special day also run through us. And to us, that means we want to capture those feelings and moments, not just capture pictures for pictures own sake. We’re feelin’ the love too! Our style is natural and candid. We don’t want to miss a thing in capturing your love story. We’ll capture everything from;

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Groom Preparation
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Bride Preparation
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The Small But Important Details
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The Ceremony
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The Pictorial
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The Reception
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Turnaround time can be 2-3 days for print only and up to 10-14 days if the print is being framed with either a frame, float-frame or frameless acrylic. If the item is being shipped it will depend on the location and shipping service for ETA on delivery.

I use a Nikon d850 and have always used Nikon. The durability of the equipment is incredible. So much so that I have once stood behind a waterfall in Iceland, had the camera covered in water which then froze due to the Icelandic chill, and once it melted dried off the camera still functioned perfectly. The d850 also has a huge megapixel count on a large format sensor, which provides exceptional quality when printing at large sizes.

I am currently based in Bateau Bay on the Central Coast of Australia..For now..