The Breadknife - Ryan J Montgomery
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The Breadknife


Limited edition of 500.

‘The breadknife’
Warrumbungle National Park, NSW, Australia.


After hiking around 30 kilometres in the days prior in hiking boots that were a little too small, I was completely tired and exhausted. However, I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist starting another 5km hike at 4am to shoot the sunrise at the Breadknife. My alarm went off, I downed a cold coffee and set off to reach the Grand High Tops just before sunrise. As I got closer to the top, more and more fog was beginning to roll in. This turned out to be the ideal scenario, as there were no high clouds to provide a good sunrise. For the first part of the sunrise, the breadknife and myself were lost in the fog. But as the sun began to rise, the fog retreated and the warmth of the sun perfectly highlighted the breadknife.
To witness such an ancient landmark with a huge cultural significance in this was truly magical.

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