Long Jetty Fire Sky - Ryan J Montgomery
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Long Jetty Fire Sky



Just days out from Christmas after months of worrisome news about the virus spreading and uncertainty of further lockdowns, the people of Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney and beyond were treated with one of the most magnificent sunsets of the year. Standing here at Long Jetty, there was 360° views of colourful clouds and rainbows, and people stopping to look up at the sky for at least half an hour to witness the fiery clouds in the sky.

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  • Float Frame Canvas
  • Framed Print
  • Frameless Acrylic
  • Print Only

Frame Types

  • Black
  • Mocha
  • White
  • Natural Oak

Print Sizes (measured by longest side of the print)

  • 18″ (45.75cm)
  • 30″ (76.2cm)
  • 40″ (101.6cm)
  • 50″ (127cm)
  • 60″ (152.4cm)

For larger print sizes, contact Ryan directly with your request.  Sizes displayed indicates the longest length of the image. The size of the longest side of the print print and the aspect ratio of the particular image will determine the length of the shortest side. The sizes listed are the size of the actual print, not the size of the product once framed.

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