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About Ryan J Montgomery

G’day! I’m Ryan – a professional landscape and travel photographer with 8 years of industry experience growing up in Central Coast. Throughout my website the best moments of the Central Coast, Australia and countries around the world. He is currently living in Amsterdam, using this as a base to travel the world and expand his photographic portfolio.


I originally graduated Environmental Science and Management degree pursuing my fascination for the natural world. I began photography in the years before my degree and then used it to compliment my studies. This has since opened up a whole new world and allowed me to travel to some of the most beautifully spectacular and culturally diverse places on earth such as Borneo, Slovenia, Morocco, Iceland, New Zealand, Brazil, South-East Asia, all locations across Australia and counting!

My mission of photography is of course to provide images to you of the most beautiful scenery of your local or places you wish to go. Beyond that, my deeper desire of my photographic journey is to help close the gap between the natural world and the built world. My vision for the future is very utopian, where people from all over the world realise the intrinsic value of the earth and everything on it, and environmental degradation and cultural injustice no longer exists. I wish to evoke the desire in people to conserve all that is beautiful on this planet.

Please enjoy my gallery of moments I’ve collected over the years, and feel free to check back now and then to look for new additions to the gallery!